Adding Custom Lookup Tables to PixelSugar

As of PixelSugar 3.1, you can add your own filters to PixelSugar by creating a Lookup Table. To learn how, check out this brief tutorial:

In A Nutshell

  1. Open PixelSugar and from the PixelSugar menu, select Lookup Tables -> Create LUT Base Image. Save the image to your desktop.
  2. Find the image named PxS LUT Base.png on your desktop. Open this image in the editor of your choice (i.e. Photoshop).
  3. Use your editor to modify the base image, i.e. by applying filters, as if it was a regular photo.
  4. Save the modified image as a new PNG with the name of your filter (i.e. "My Filter.png").
  5. In PixelSugar, select PixelSugar -> Lookup Tables -> Show User LUT Folder. Copy the PNG you just created into the Lookup Tables folder that PixelSugar just opened for you.
  6. Restart PixelSugar. Your new filter will appear in the User category at the bottom of your Filter library.


  • When editing the lookup table base image, don't perform any operations that blur, sharpen, vignette, texture, or add / remove noise. Lookup Tables can only capture image changes that affect each pixel equally (technically, the value of the output pixel can only depend on the value of the input pixel, instead of the value of surrounding pixels or the pixel's location in the image).
  • You can organize your Lookup Tables into categories by creating folders within the Lookup Tables folder. For instance, lookup tables placed into ./Lookup Tables/My Lookup Tables will create a new category called My Lookup Tables in your library.
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