Getting started with PixelSugar

The PixelSugar Interface

PixelSugar is divided into 4 main panels:

  • Files: for browsing your computer and selecting images to work on
  • Preview: for seeing a large preview of your current image
  • Edit: comprising of the Corrections and Recipe areas, for making changes and adjustments to your image 
  • Library: for browsing and applying filters and recipes

Basic Editing

The basic PxS workflow is to make basic corrections to exposure and white balance, then stack and adjust filters until you're happy with the image. It's really that simple.

  1. Select an image to work on in the Files panel
  2. Make any basic corrections to Exposure or White Balance
  3. Browse from your filter library and find a filter to apply
  4. Adjust the filter's strength
  5. Repeat 2-5 until you're happy

Exporting Your Image

PxS is non-destructive, which means your original image is never altered. To create a new copy of an image with your edits applied, you'll need to Export your image. Go to File -> Export or press Cmd+E to bring up the Export dialog.


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