The Edit Panel: Corrections


The Corrections panel allows you to make quick changes to Exposure and White Balance.

For raw images, you can set Exposure correction in stops, and White Balance in Kelvin (defaulting to the image's as-shot value).

For all other images, the Corrections panel offers Brightness and Warmth adjustments in place of Exposure and White Balance.


You can access Corrections panel with hotkeys instead of dragging sliders:

  • E: Exposure / Brightness
  • W: White Balance / Warmth
  • T: Tint

While holding down any of those keys, you can directly change the corresponding Correction:

  • Left / Right arrows decrease / increase the value
  • Typing a number directly enters that value..
  • Moving the mouse / trackpad with the hotkey held moves the slider as if you were dragging the slider handle
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