Using PixelSugar with Lightroom

PixelSugar can act as an External Editor for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC*** for users who have a Lightroom-centered workflow. In this mode, PixelSugar's file browser is disabled, and instead of exporting your finished image non-destructively to a new image, your edits are saved directly to the file Lightroom sends to PixelSugar.

Connecting PixelSugar to Lightroom

To enable this feature, open the PixelSugar app and select Tools -> Connect to Lightroom. This will create an External Editor preset that tells Lightroom how to send images to PixelSugar. You'll have to restart Lightroom for the changes to take effect.


Editing Lightroom images in PixelSugar

In Lightroom, select the image you want to edit, and right-click the thumbnail in the Library or Develop module. Select Edit In... and then choose PixelSugar. PixelSugar will open a copy of the image for editing. When you've finished with your PixelSugar edit, press the Done button in the top-right to save your changes and return to Lightroom.


Note: because of the limitations of Lightroom's External Editor feature, you will not be able to revisit your edit and make changes later. PixelSugar will overwrite the image it's working on with any changes you've made.

How NOT to do it 

Lightroom allows you to configure an external editor manually in the preferences pane. Don't do that. PixelSugar is a non-destructive editor by default, which means it doesn't save over the original image. This is not what Lightroom expects, and if you configure the Lightroom -> PxS integration manually, it won't work right. Using the Connect To Lightroom menu item in PxS sets up a special integration that lets PixelSugar know the image is coming from Lightroom, and to behave differently.



Don't do this. It won't work.


*** This feature works with Lightroom Classic CC and earlier versions of Lightroom, back when it was just called Lightroom, before that weird name switch thing where Adobe made a brand new new thing and called that Lightroom, and made the old thing be called Lightroom Classic CC, which confused everybody, and makes frustrated software companies like ours have to write really long explanations every time they mention Lightroom, because nobody knows what the hell they're talking about anymore.

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