The Library Panel

PixelSugar's Library contains all the filters and recipes you can apply to your photo. You can toggle between Filters and Recipes with the buttons above the Library panel:

Use the +/- buttons at the panel bottom to increase or decrease the size of the thumbnails.

Use the search button (Cmd+F) to bring up a search box. Your library will only show filters or recipes that match your search. Click again to hide the search box. 

Applying Filters And Recipes

Hovering over a thumbnail in the Library will show you how the image and recipe would change if you applied it:

  • The Preview will show the image as if that filter or recipe were applied
  • The Recipe panel will show what your recipe would become if that filter / recipe were applied

Clicking on the thumbnail will add the filter or apply the recipe.

Filters vs. Recipes

Filters are a single step you can add to your recipe.

Recipes are a list of steps that are applied together.

That's the fundamental difference between the two. They also behave a little bit differently in the Library Panel

  • Clicking a filter adds it to the recipe
  • Clicking a recipe replaces the current recipe with the new recipe
  • Recipes can be renamed, deleted, imported, and exported.
  • Filters can be categorized, and you can hide categories in the Library

Favorite Filters

You can click the star icon that appears on a Filter or Recipe thumbnail to add or remove it from your favorites. Click the star icon at the bottom of the Library panel to only show your favorites.

Extras For Recipes

Right-click or Ctrl-click on a recipe thumbnail to:

  • Rename your recipe
  • Delete your recipe
  • Export your recipe to share with friends or for backup purposes

Exported recipes can be imported back into PixelSugar from the File menu (Import Recipe).

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