RadLab Basics

Here’s a quick tour of the RadLab interface to get you started:

The Preview Area

What your image looks like with the current Recipe applied. You can choose to show the Before image, the After image, or to compare Before and After versions with a split or side-by-side view. You can also display the image at 100% (1:1 actual pixels) magnification, or to fit the image into the Preview Panel.

The Library

This is where you pick what you want to do with your photo. The library has two modes: Stylets and Recipes. Stylets are added one by one to the processing of your image, while Recipes are a collection of one or many Stylets. You can toggle between Recipes and Stylets at the top of the Library. In the Recipe view you may import and export Recipes to share with other RadLab users. You may also search your library and change the thumbnail size with controls below the window. For more on the Library, see the section on the RadLab Library.

Panel Controls

Here you can toggle the visibility of different parts of the RadLab interface and get help from our Support section.

Basic Adjustments

Use these quick, simple controls to adjust brightness, contrast, and warmth. Their settings are considered part of the Recipe, and will be included in saved Recipes.


The Recipe applied to a photo is the collection of Stylets you’ve chosen to add, along with their associated parameters. The list of Stylets and their parameters is shown in the Recipe Panel. Stylets are applied from top to bottom, and you can adjust and tweak the Recipe in this panel. For more, see the section on RadLab Recipes


You can add Recipes and/or Stylets to the Favorites panel for easy, one-click access. Click the heart icon in the Library, or drag the thumbnail from the Library to the Favorites panel to add them to your favorites. Click to add Stylets or apply Recipes to the current photo. Click the trashcan icon to remove them from your Favorites.


Choose between either a per-channel or composite (gray) histogram for the current image.

Finish / Cancel

Choose to either Finish with this recipe and return the image to Photoshop, or to Cancel and return with no changes.

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