Opening RadLab

RadLab is a Photoshop Plugin, NOT an action. Therefore you have a few options for opening RadLab:

  1. Head to Filter -> Totally Rad -> RadLab from the Photoshop menu.
  2. If you are using Photoshop CS4 or CS5, you can (and should!) use the RadLab Panel to launch RadLab and configure your layers. (see below for instructions)
  3. Record an action that uses RadLab, and play the action. See This Tutorial to learn how.
  4. Use the Last Filter option (CMD-F on a Mac, CTRL-F on a PC) to apply the last recipe you used to the current layer.

Using the RadLab Panel

The RadLab Panel is installed automatically. To make it visible, select File -> Automate -> RadLab Panel from the Photoshop menu. The RadLab Panel will appear as a floating palette that you can collapse into a sing-button mini-panel. Try moving the mini-panel to just under your Photoshop tools palette (that’s a very convenient place for it). You can select from several layering options, and launch RadLab with a single click from this panel. This is the only way to start with a blank recipe, and is the way we suggest you access RadLab.

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