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All of the Stylets that you apply to an image, along with any Stylet parameter tweaks, are the Recipe for that photo. The Recipe for the current photo is shown in the Recipe panel on the right. Any time you add a Stylet, it appears in the Recipe panel, and when you preview a Stylet or Recipe by hovering your mouse over it in the Library, the Recipe panel changes to show what the current image’s Recipe would be if you clicked.

Recipes are applied from top to bottom, just like a list of things to do. The Basic Adjustments are also part of the current recipe, though they have their own special panel. The Basic Adjustments to Brightness, Contrast, and Warmth are applied before any Stylets.

Modifying The Current Recipe

  • Add to the current recipe by clicking on a Stylet in the Library.
  • Delete a Stylet in the current Recipe by clicking the trashcan icon next to that Stylet in the Recipe panel.
  • You can show additional controls for a Stylet (if a Stylet has more than one) by clicking the triangle underneath the Stylet name in the Recipe Panel.
  • Change the parameters of the Stylets in the current Recipe with the sliders.
  • You can enable or disable a Stylet from a Recipe without removing it by clicking the checkbox beside the Stylet name.

Saving Recipes

If you like the current recipe, and would like to use it again, then save it! Click the Save button at the bottom of the Recipe panel, type a name for your Recipe, and click OK. Your saved Recipe will now be available in your Library for easy recall.

Importing Recipes

  • Download and extract your recipes to your computer (if necessary).
  • Open RadLab.
  • Click the “Import” button at the top of the RadLab Library.
  • Navigate to where you saved your recipes on your computer and select the recipes you’d like to import.

Check out this video that explains the process in one minute.

Using The Keyboard

You can use your keyboard to navigate the Recipe Panel and change settings. Click on a Stylet name to select it. The currently active Stylet will have its name italicized. Use the up and down arrow keys to select different parameters, and the right and left arrow keys to move the sliders. Holding the CMD key (CTRL on Windows) while using the left / right arrows will make sliders move in increments of 1.

You can also press Enter to type a value for a slider directly into the box. Pressing enter again confirms the new value.

Where To Get Recipes

One of the coolest parts of RadLab is the ability to import recipes!

Check out our collection of free recipes here

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