Command "Invert" Is Not Available

If you’re seeing messages about “The Command ‘Invert’ Is Not Available,” then you likely have Photoshop set up in a somewhat non-standard way.  There are two places where Photoshop has settings for default layer masks, and we’re going to check both of them.  To fix it, follow these steps:
Click on the icon in the top-right of the Layers Palette to get to the Panel Options box for the Layers Palette.

Accessing the Layers Palette Menu

Make sure the box is checked to “Use Default Masks On Fill Layers”.

Check box for default masks on fill layers at bottom of options dialog

Next, if you’re on CS4 or later, make sure that you have the background layer selected, and then click the Adjustments Palette Menu icon

Finally, make sure that Add Mask By Default is checked.

Why does this solve the problem?  The Totally Rad Actions assume that Photoshop will create masks for adjustment layers (the default Photoshop behavior), and when this setting gets changed, Photoshop ends up trying to invert something that isn’t pixels (i.e. the adjustment itself), and gets cranky.

If those boxes are checked and you’re still experiencing problems, Contact Support and we’ll look into it!

Video Tutorial

Here’s a short video walking you through the last two steps in this process

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