Command "Sphereize" Is Not Avialable

If you see the error message “The Command ‘Sphereize’ Is Not Available, then you have a couple options to fix it:

  1. Convert the image to 8-bit color, and then run the action again; or
  2. Just hit continue and ignore the message (optionally, you can uncheck the Sphereize step from the action so it no longer runs that step)

This error occurs because some actions rely on the Sphereize filter to help round out the vignette, and the Sphereize filter only works on 8-bit images (not 16-bit).  It’s not an essential step, but the resulting vignette without the Sphereize filter will be a little more “boxy” than the result with the filter.  The choice is yours.

Actions affected:

  • Old Skool (HQ & Fast)
  • Super Old Skool (HQ & Fast)
  • Vignette & Blur (HQ & Fast)
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