RadLab and Photoshop Actions

If you prefer one-click access to your favorite recipes, need to do batch processing, or just plain like the Photoshop actions palette, you can use RadLab as part of a Photoshop Action.

RadLab is technically just a Photoshop filter, just like anything else in the Filter menu (though a very fancy one). This means that if you record an action, then run RadLab, it will be recorded in the action just as if you were doing anything else in Photoshop.

To learn how to use Photoshop Actions with RadLab, check out this brief video



There are a couple of distinct advantages of using RadLab’s Stylets in the place of our Photoshop Actions. For instance, if you wanted to run Old Skool on a photo:

  1. RadLab is MUCH faster than the action equivalent
  2. RadLab will give you the same results regardless of what size photo you want
  3. RadLab lets you tweak and customize the behavior of a Stylet, unlike actions, which are difficult and error-prone to customize
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    Which TR Photoshop actions are included in RadLab and which aren't ?

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