Batch Processing With RadLab

You can use Photoshop to run a batch of images through RadLab. The workflow is very similar to batch processing with actions. Here’s how you do it.

1. Create An Action

Photoshop’s Batch and Image Processor commands can only run actions, so the first thing you’ll need is a Photoshop Action.

Head over to your actions palette. Actions need to live in an Action Set, so unless you already have one set up for your own actions, start by clicking the folder icon to create a new Action Set. Then click the New Action button. Give it a nifty name. When you click the Record button to create your action, Photoshop will start paying attention to everything you do, and will record it in an action.

2. Run RadLab With Your Recipe

Head to the Filter menu (NOT the RadLab Launcher Panel). Re-work your photo to your liking. Whatever adjustments you apply to this image will be encapsulated in your action, allowing you to apply your recipe to bunches and bunches of images. You can load a saved recipe or make one up as you go. When you hit “Finish”, the recipe you’ve just applied to this photo will be baked into the action, ready to go.

3. Finish Recording Your Action

When you’re done in RadLab, click the Stop Recording button in the Actions Palette (otherwise, your action will keep recording everything you do, and will be a giant mess).

4. Queue Up A Batch

Finally, head to File -> Scripts -> Image Processor. Choose the folder of images you’d like to process, select where you want to save them, and choose a file format for the output. Near the bottom, you can select an action to run on each photo. Choose the action you just created.

Hit Run, and RadLab’s magic will be applied en masse to the entire folder of images. Congrats! You’re now a certified Level 2 Workflow Ninja!

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