Non-sRGB Color Profiles With Dirty Pictures

Dirty Pictures’ textures are all tagged with the sRGB color space.  You can use them on images in other color spaces like Adobe RGB or Prophoto RGB, but the textures will need to be converted into your working space.  By default, if you are set up with a working RGB space other than sRGB, Photoshop should prompt you every time you do anything to a texture within Dirty Pictures.  To make Photoshop stop bugging you, follow these steps:

  1. Open up your Color Preferences window (CMD-Shift-K on the Mac, Ctrl-Shift-K on the PC).
  2. Make sure that “Convert To Working RGB” is selected for the RGB color management policy, and that Ask When Opening and Ask When Pasting is unchecked
  3. The next time you open Dirty Pictures and select a texture, you might be prompted to confirm the profile conversion.  Check “Don’t Show Again” so Photoshop, not surprisingly, won’t ask you again :)

Bear in mind that these changes will affect the behavior of Photoshop with regard to color management for ALL documents.  These aren’t bad changes, necessarily, but you probably shouldn’t mess with this stuff unless you know what you’re doing with color management.  Then again, if you DON’T know what you’re doing with color management, you probably shouldn’t be using Adobe RGB or Prophoto RGB either (despite what that Photoshop guru said at that seminar that one time).

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