Who can we thank for the bitchin’ texture names?

Gotta give credit where credit’s due… back in July, 2009, we held a contest on Twitter, where our tweeples could submit their favorite stripper name, and we’d name the textures after the best of the bunch.  One astute follower pointed out that strippers have one name (i.e. “Candy”), while porn stars have two (i.e. “Sugar Houston”).  Having never really been much of a connoisseur of either, I can’t speak to the veracity of that claim, but since anyone with enough knowledge to even begin to make the distinction probably knows better than I, we’ll accept their observation prima facie.  In either case, we only meant to have good, clean fun, and to come up with some memorable names for our creation; I hope we’ve accomplished both.

The names of the textures in the set, and the Twitter follower responsible for christening them so, are:

Anything Else?

A few other miscellaneous thank-yous are in order:

  • Scott Gunnells was a huge help tracking down a couple of bugs in v1.0 that I had missed.
  • Andrea Roberts for helping to get some early Windows installer issues sorted out
  • Jessica Claire gave some great feedback on the early (like pre-alpha) versions of the program
  • Chenin Boutwell had to live with me and still be a loving wife while I was developing this thing (love ya!)
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