RadLab filters names in PixelSugar and PicTapGo

If you're a long-time Totally Rad user, who has a favorite RadLab stylet or Photoshop action, and are wondering where to find the same thing in PixelSugar or PicTapGo, this chart will help. Many of our formulas were renamed in the newer apps, for various reasons. Here's what they're called now.


TRA / RadLab name PicTapGo name PixelSugar name
Claire-ify Brightside Brightside
Warm It Up, Kris! Warm It Up Warm It Up
Cool As A Cucumber Cool It Down Cool It Down
Boutwell Magic Glasses Crispity* Crispity*
EZ-Burn 2 SloBurn Slo-Burn
Technicolor Dream World Dream World Dream World
Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana Orange You Glad Orange You Glad
Lux (Soft) Lux Lux
Get Faded (Winter) Fade To Winter Faded Winter
Get Faded (Spring) Fade To Spring Faded Spring
Get Faded (Summer) Fade To Summer Faded Summer
Get Faded (Autumn) Fade To Autumn Faded Autumn
Get Faded (Neutral) Fade To Gray Faded Neutral
Pross-Crossessed #1 Crossed-Up Crossed-Up
Pross-Crossessed #2 Crossroads Crossroads
Bullet Tooth Bleached  
Grandma's Tap Shoes Mama's Tap Shoes Grandma's Tap Shoes
Flare Up (Golden) Flare Up  
Bitchin B+W Salt + Pepper Bitchin BW


* The exact processing formulas may have changed a bit

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