If something goes wrong with installation of RadLab, Dirty Pictures, or Replichrome on the Mac, our support staff will sometimes request a copy of your installation logs to help pinpoint the problem. Here's how to locate your installation log file.


1. Run the installer

Run the installer one more time, even if it fails again. We want to make sure our installer's output is the most recent thing in the log file.


2. Open the Terminal app

You'll find Terminal in your Applications > Utilities folder.

Alternately, you can press Cmd+Space to perform a spotlight search. Type "Terminal" into the box and press Return.


3. Run this command in Terminal

In the Terminal app, type (or copy and paste) the following command, and press Return:

cp /var/log/install.log ~/Desktop

This will place a copy of your install.log file on your Desktop.


4. Send the install.log file to our support team

Attach the file called install.log on your desktop to your email reply.