What can I do with Pro Retouch 2?

Pro Retouch 2 has 34 actions to help speed the most common retouching tasks. The actions in PR2 can help....

  • Smooth out skin texture and even skin complexion
  • Reduce or eliminate blemishes, scars, flakes, wrinkles, and pores
  • Correct or enhance a wide variety of skintones
  • Remove shine or glossiness, or accentuate highlights on skin
  • Enhance eyes, lips, and other features to make them more prominent and dramatic
  • Correct issues with eye and teeth color and texture, including red veins and color casts
  • Enhance the texture and appearance of hair and eyelashes
  • Shape the lighting in the photo, and fill in shadows

Many of the actions are flexible enough to be used for other purposes as well. Users have re-purposed the actions in Pro Retouch to smooth backgrounds, contour cheekbones, add makeup, and take care of other creative tasks.

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