Replichrome Presets Missing

If you've installed Replichrome, and you don't see your presets in Lightroom, there are a few possible causes.

Check your Replichrome and Lightroom version

Lightroom made some changes to how presets are stored on disk in version 7.3. We've updated the Replichrome installers to reflect this. There are two versions of each Replichrome installer.

  • Version 1.x.x for Lightroom versions 7.2 and earlier
  • Version 2.x.x for Lightroom versions 7.3 and later

Make sure you're downloading and installing the correct Replichrome version for your platform.


Don't store presets with catalog

If your presets aren’t appearing in Lightroom, make sure you don’t have the “Store presets with catalog” option checked in Lightroom’s Preferences


Only some presets are visible (missing film presets)

If you're seeing only the "Reset" presets, but not the film presets, it's because Camera Raw can't find the camera profile for the photo you're opening. Here are two things to try:

Install Profiles For Your Camera Maker

Re-install Replichrome and make sure you've checked the box for any camera models you're using. Replichrome doesn't install all of its presets by default, only Canon, Nikon, and Fuji. If you're using a camera from a different manufacturer, you'll need to select that maker under "Extra Camera Support" during installation.


Show Partially Compatible Presets

Replichrome's film presets require a raw image for accurate emulation. Though you can apply the presets to non-raw images (i.e. jpeg, PSD), the results might be unexpected. However, if you want to use Replichrome presets on non-raw images in Camera Raw, they are hidden by default. To show presets for non-raw images, right-click on the preset list and select "Show Partially Compatible Presets.


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