Saving And Sharing Recipes

One of the coolest parts of RadLab is the ability to save, export, and share recipes. You can send your RadLab recipes to other users, and import recipes you’ve downloaded to use yourself. It’s super-easy to do, and here’s how it works.

1. Work Some Magic

Open up RadLab and work some post-processing magic. Add, remove, and tweak Stylets until you have a recipe you’re proud of.
RadLab Screenshot

2. Save It

Before clicking Finish, click the Save button at the bottom of your Recipe panel. Give your recipe a name (something original, colorful, inspiring, and yet descriptive and functional… no pressure!)

If you forget to hit Save before exiting RadLab, you can always open RadLab again, and choose the last item in your Recipe History. This will load your recipe up, which you can then save permanently with the Save button (your history only remembers the most recent recipes).

3. Export It

Click over to the recipe tab in your library, and find your fancy new recipe. Hover your mouse over the recipe thumbnail, and you’ll see some icons appear below it. Click the Export icon (with the arrow pointing down).

Choose a location to save your recipe to on your computer.

4. Share the Magic

Your recipe is now wrapped up into a single file, with a .rls extension. Send it to a friend, or share it with the world.
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