v1.2.24 (7/9/12)

  • Standalone RadLab now reads and uses embedded ICC profiles in JPEG and TIFF files, yielding correct color behavior for Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB, etc when used as a Lightroom external editor
  • Fix a few UI nits

v1.2.22 (6/25/12)

  • Substantially improves (and possibly fixes) a bug that would freeze RadLab for a handful of users on Win7
  • Fixes a rare issue where certain combinations of Stylets would oversaturate and posterize
  • Copies JPEG or TIFF metadata when using RadLab as an external editor in Lightroom. Your star ratings and keywords should be safe, now!
  • Updated gradient algorithm for EZ-Burn, Old Skool, Vignette & Blur, resulting in MUCH less visible banding

v1.2.21 (6/21/12)

  • Fix for Windows hang on exit bug.
  • Fix for TIFF handling in standalone / LR RadLab on Windows.

v1.2.20 (6/14/12)

  • Preserve ratings, timestamp, and other EXIF data in output from standalone/LR RadLab

v1.2.19 (6/13/12)

  • Fix for bug in standalone/LR RadLab where final file was not written to disk

v1.2.18 (6/12/12)

  • Automatically install RadLab as an external editor in Lightroom (beta)
  • Fix for very slow plugin startup on Windows (10 seconds) introduced in 1.2.15

v1.2.16 (6/5/12)

  • Preliminary support for RadLab as an external editor in Lightroom and iPhoto (must manually configure in LR)
  • Preliminary support for user-generated stylets (still undocumented)

v1.2.13 (5/29/12)

  • Fix for occasional crash on 16-bit images introduced in 1.2.9

v1.2.12 (5/22/12)

  • Further improvements to panel startup stability

v1.2.9 (5/15/12)

  • Even more robust panel startup behavior
  • Fixed progressive darkening of images by <= 1 shade due to rounding errors
  • Licensed To now appears in About box
  • Minor speedups for some stylets and recipes

v1.2.8 (Windows Only) (4/4/12)

  • Fixed launcher panel crash on Windows

v1.2.5, 1.2.7 (3/15/12)

  • Fixed launcher panel crash on OSX 10.7

v1.2.3 (2/29/12)

  • Updated installer with better behavior

v1.2.2 (1/30/12)

  • Fix for crashes with 16-bit images under Windows

v1.2 (1/10/12)

  • Fix for crashes with 16-bit images and Boutwell Magic Glasses II Stylet
  • Full 16-bit support (no longer “beta”)

v1.1.8 (12/20/11)

  • Fix for issue where customers who used different email addresses for the demo and the full version of RadLab received “expired demo” messages

v1.1.7 (12/13/11)

  • 16-bit support (beta)
  • Fix for R6025 “pure virtual function call” crash in Windows

v1.1.2 (11/1/2011)

  • Prevents installation while Photoshop is running (because this breaks things)
  • Bugfix for random black tiles in preview images
  • Bugfix for crash when many recipes are installed
  • When RadLab panel is disabled because of image mode constraints, panel now provides some sensible feedback as to why
  • Installer now works with Photoshop Elements 10
  • Performance improved at plugin startup


  • Completely redesigned launcher panel, providing increased stability, and increased compatibility (CS3 and Photoshop Elements users can now use our panel)
  • Improved stability and speed, especially with batch processing
  • Better performance and stability with memory-constrained systems (plays nicer with Photoshop’s memory allocation scheme)
  • Improved recipe management

v1.0.12 (8/24/2011)

  • Fix for crash when clicking to the Recipes tab in some circumstances
  • Thumbnails now display correctly when larger than the preview
  • Better installer support for internationalized plug-in folder names
  • Recipe sliders no longer intercept mouse wheel events


  • Improved memory handling – fixes “out-of-memory” errors in most cases
  • Fixed installer bug that prevented installation where only Photoshop Elements was installed


  • Various fixes to improve the reliability of the installer

v1.0.6 (8/2/2011)

  • Initial public release
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